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Labrador Retriever

A dog that can be your best friend, go on adventures with you, protect you from danger, and love you unconditionally are the type of dogs that works well with any household.  The Labrador Retriever is versatile enough to give you all of that and then some.

Temperament:  A Lab is the ideal kind of dog. While the way they are raised plays a role in the behavior, they are generally known to be outgoing, loving, active, trainable, and get along well with other animals and strangers.  Kids and Labs make great companions as they are fun, adventurous, and eager to learn new things. Just like kids, it is common to see some destructive behavior up to the age of 2 if there is a lack of early training. Avoid this behavior by allowing your puppy to attending some form of training classes to make sure he has the knowledge and capability to be as great as he can be. They are also water dogs, so do not be surprised if you find your new puppy eager to get into any body of water, any chance he gets!

Diet: The Labrador Retriever puppy needs to have a balanced diet. When you receive your puppy, typically around the 8-week mark, they should have been on solid foods for a few weeks. Try to find out the type of solid food it’s been eating prior to adoption. We recommend keeping the same eating schedule for the first few days. Keeping your pup’s diet consistent will help limit the stress and anxiety during this big change.

Origin: The Labrador Retriever is recognized as a smaller version of a larger breed known as the Newfoundland. They originated in Canada and were known for their acute sense of smell and fast speed.  Once coming to North America, their popularity spiked. In the 90’s, a Lab named Buddy even had the luxury of being the first Lab to call the White House his home!

Grooming:  The Labrador Retriever does shed a lot, but it can be easily minimized. A brushing once or twice a week will help remove all the excess fur and keep your Labs coat shiny. The only other thing to be aware of is keeping your Labrador Retriever dry. As stated about, they love water. After swimming, make sure to rinse with fresh water to avoid any build up on the coat or in the ears and eyes. Drying off the coat and ears is recommended as well to avoid any infections brought on by excess moisture.

Activity Level:  This specific breed requires a high amount of activity. While they do love their naps, a Labrador Retriever would not be an ideal dog that stays at home alone all day while everyone else is out for work or school.  While they do okay alone for a certain amount of time, giving them a chance to release their energy will be beneficial to you in the long run. If your new puppy has the chance to run around, go for a swim, or chase a ball, he will be the best companion yet. It will also save you time from having to patch up holes in the wall, repair carpet tears, and/or replace chairs due to chew marks. To avoid these household disasters brought on by boredom, get active with you Lab at least an hour a day.

At Temecula Puppies our Labrador Retriever puppies come from local breeders in Temecula California. We are committed to only using proven and trusted breeders and find delight in knowing that our puppies come from loving homes. Temecula Puppies provide Labrador Retriever puppies completely healthy, happy, and ready for a new home.  

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