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Part of the American Kennel Club’s Toy group, the Pug is often called the clown of the canine world. They are known to have a great sense of humor and like to show off. They are an affectionate, playful, and very fun breed.

Origin: The Pug breed was considered a prized pet by the Emperors of China dating back to the Han dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). They lived in in luxurious accommodations, sometimes even being guarded by soldiers.

Diet: Be careful, these Pugs love to eat. Divided into two meals, we recommend the daily amount of ½ to 1 cup of high-quality dry dog food. Because of their small stature, a large diet could put them at risk for obesity. So, as an owner you must show restraint when feeding them.

Temperament: They won’t hunt, guard, or retrieve but they will continuously crave your attention - and your lap. They may become a little upset if all this attention is not reciprocated. If you read a book or watch a movie, your Pug will be right there by your side. Also, if you display your sense of humor, most likely your new Pug will delight in your silly antics.

Grooming: Regular brushing and bathing will keep the Pug’s coat of fur in good condition and keep shedding down to a minimum. Since these housedogs don’t usually wear down their nails, regular nail trimming is essential. Also, clean the ears every few weeks.

Activity Level: If the pace of your Pug ever slows down, their diet will become even more crucial. You will need to watch their calorie intake and maintain a healthy activity level during the Pug’s middle and later life stages. Remember to not walk this breed in extreme heat because they could easily overheat due to their restricted respiratory structure

At Temecula Puppies our Pugs come from local breeders in Temecula California. We are committed to only using proven and trusted breeders and delight in knowing that our puppies come from loving homes. Temecula Puppies provide Pugs completely healthy, happy, and ready for a new home.

At Temecula Puppies, our Pugs come with their first set of puppy vaccines, deworming, and health checks. Our breeders are required to have regular vet records on the breeding parents and puppies. Every puppy has a vet exam within the first week after adoption.

Because Temecula Puppies knows it is very important to carefully choose where to adopt your new family companion, we offer healthy and happy Pugs from local and trusted breeders only. We make certain that they come from a truly loving home. Please remember that we never ship our puppies in from out of state breeders.

Temecula Puppies is located in Temecula California and would be happy to assist you in adopting your new Pug puppy today. 

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