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Shih Tzu

Love and be loved in return is the perfect way to describe the ideal canine called a Shih Tzu. This playful and curious breed will keep you on your toes with his attitude and your hearts full with his loyalty and love.

Temperament:  A Shih Tzu is literally the definition of the perfect small dog breed. Want to spend all day in bed? So does your Shih Tzu. Want to clean the bathroom? Your Shih Tzu is happy to sit by and watch. Feel like heading out for some exercise? Your Shih Tzu is glad to join. This dog is a big people pleaser and wants to spend his time with family. He loves kids and other dogs and isn’t one to shy around either. While they love being around family, this breed is also perfectly content with being home alone all day with some toys, as long as you come home and are prepared to get tons of loving. This breed is as low maintenance as it gets, which is why they are perfect for seniors and also make great therapy dogs. 

Diet: The Shih Tzu puppy needs to have a balanced diet. When you receive your puppy, typically around the 8-week mark, they should have been on solid foods for a few weeks. Try to find out the type of solid food it’s been eating prior to adoption. We recommend keeping the same eating schedule for the first few days. Keeping your pup’s diet consistent will help limit the stress and anxiety during this big change.

Origin:  The specific origin is unknown for this breed, but we do know that he was used in China to be an accessory. Aside from a loving pet, having a Shih Tzu was like having a top of the line outfit. This breed continues to be glamourous and loving even after many years.

Grooming:  This dog is known to be laid back, and so is his coat. Brushing once a week and bathing as you feel necessary is really all that is required.  Just make sure to keep hair out of his eyes by either trimming or tying up the hair around his face.

Activity Level:  This specific breed does not require a lot of activity. For the Shih Tzu, a quick walk around the block once a day is plenty to keep this pup happy, which makes them ideal for apartment life. It is not to be mistaken though, they do thoroughly enjoy playing fetch, chasing toys, or just running around at the park. The Shih Tzu fits well with a moderately active household.

At Temecula Puppies our Shih Tzu puppies come from local breeders in Temecula California. We are committed to only using proven and trusted breeders and find delight in knowing that our puppies come from loving homes. Temecula Puppies provide Shih Tzu puppies completely healthy, happy, and ready for a new home. 

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