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Don’t be fooled by its tiny size; a Yorkshire Terrier is spunky, intelligent, friendly, and a perfect companion for any household type.

Temperament:  While genetics play a slight role, a Yorkshire Terrier’s attitude is going to vary depending on how he is raised. Typically, a Yorkshire Terrier is known to have 2 personalities. The first personality type is cuddly. This type of attitude is known to be more common in male Yorkshire Terriers, while the females are more likely to have a completely different personality, which is outgoing and curious. Both males and females hold true to being loyal, eager to please, and extremely brave, regardless of their small size. Don’t be afraid to have kids or big dogs near your Yorkshire; they will easily adapt and fearlessly run and play regardless of the size of their friend.

Diet: The Yorkshire Terrier puppy needs to have a balanced diet. When you receive your puppy, typically around the 8-week mark, they should have been on solid foods for a few weeks. Try to find out the type of solid food it’s been eating prior to adoption. We recommend keeping the same eating schedule for the first few days. Keeping your pup’s diet consistent will help limit the stress and anxiety during this big change.

Origin: The Yorkshire Terrier’s audacious attitude is related to his ancestors, the Clydesdale Terrier, who are now extinct. Bred in England, this specific dog is known to be the perfect little companion. They even have some political fame, living in the White House with President Nixon.

Grooming:  The Yorkshire Terrier has demanding grooming needs. If you opt to keep their coat long, it will need to be brushed every day, and bathed weekly. Professional grooming every 4-6 weeks is also recommended. With the long hair, it is important to keep it out of their eyes to avoid irritation. Most owners will do a ‘ponytail’ or use a clip to add some fashion to this adorable pooch. If you prefer short hair for your Yorkshire Terrier, daily brushing and weekly bathes are recommended, as well as a monthly haircut. 

Activity Level:  Although small, a Yorkshire Terrier enjoys being active. If you are looking for a dog to be lazy with you all day, this breed is not for you.   While they do want to please, they will not be at their peak when they have a ton of energy built up. 30-60 minutes of activity a day will keep your Yorkshire Terrier happy, healthy, and less destructive.

At Temecula Puppies our Yorkshire Terrier puppies come from local breeders in Temecula California. We are committed to only using proven and trusted breeders and find delight in knowing that our puppies come from loving homes. Temecula Puppies provide Yorkshire Terrier puppies completely healthy, happy, and ready for a new home.

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