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Cross breeds are always a special kind of surprise; you never know what you might get, but you know it is going to be good! The Morkie is not only adorable, but intelligent, outgoing, and extremely friendly, making it the perfect family pet.

Temperament:  While genetics play a slight role, a Morkie’s attitude is going to vary depending on how he is raised. Typically, a Morkie is an extremely happy, friendly, outgoing dog. A Morkie is known to bark, and can develop separation anxiety if not trained immediately when brought into a new home. They are eager to learn as well as please, and will benefit in the long role from early training.

Diet: The Morkie puppy needs to have a balanced diet. When you receive your puppy, typically around the 8-week mark, they should have been on solid foods for a few weeks. Try to find out the type of solid food it’s been eating prior to adoption. We recommend keeping the same eating schedule for the first few days. Keeping your pup’s diet consistent will help limit the stress and anxiety during this big change.

Origin: The Morkie comes from a cross breed of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese.  While the reason for specific breeding is unknown, it is believed that people were looking for an alternative breed to your typical small dog.

 Grooming:  The Morkie’s grooming needs are different for each dog, depending on the coat. The one thing that is the same is that they will need to be brushed regularly. While coats are usually slightly scruffy and require low maintenance, if your adorable pup adopted the curlier hair, scheduling an appointment every 6-8 weeks for grooming is recommended. The brushing and grooming will aid in avoiding knots that can come about quickly.

Activity Level:  This specific breed does not require a lot of activity. For the Morkie, a quick walk around the block once a day is plenty to keep this pup happy, making them ideal for apartment life. It is not to be mistaken though, they do thoroughly enjoy playing fetch, chasing toys, or just running around at the park. The Morkie fits well with a moderately active household. 

At Temecula Puppies our Morkie puppies come from local breeders in Temecula California. We are committed to only using proven and trusted breeders and find delight in knowing that our puppies come from loving homes. Temecula Puppies provide Morkie puppies completely healthy, happy, and ready for a new home. 

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